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    In this section we will give you a quick look at Japan's climate 
    and weather conditions. 

1. Geography and Weather
   Japan's climate and weather is greatly affected by it's geographical 
   location. Much rain fall in summer and much snow fall in winter.

2. Climatic impacts on Japanese society and culture.
   Japanese culture and daily life has been affected by the rainfall and 
   sublle transitions of climate in japan.

3. Japan has 24 seasons
   We have twenty four mini seasons called 24 Sekki, which is 
   a calendar system originated in old China. Japan's climate and season is  
   divided into 24 seasons in one year, this means that our climate changes 
   almost every two weeks.

4. Environment(Climate Change)
   We think that climate is not so changeable as seen in daily weather, 
   but recently the changing speed seems to be very fast.
   Here and now we must consider "Environment" for our children and 
   their future. 


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